Attracted — Launch day 2

2 min readSep 20, 2021

If you want to read the series from the beginning go to Day 2

After getting some real-world feedback from drunk users last night I got straight into improving the app.

The biggest issue we saw was that the user would sign up and enter their details which would authenticate them and leave them on the discovery screen. Unfortunately, I had decided to hide users that don’t have a profile photo. Meaning the user had to go to the profile screen to add a photo for others to see them. Easy fix… let’s add a second prompt screen!

Profile photo prompt screen

To keep it super to use I decided not to try and cram the photo upload into the detail prompt screen. Instead of going for a giant button, some text with a clear call to action, and some helper text (#minor-bug add a reason why the photo should just be you).

Works for now… definitely need to start adding privacy information pop-ups so people can better understand how their data is being used. Although I’m conscious that privacy education needs to be set in the right tone to not scare the user and highlight how we improve their privacy.

In the evening we got back out round the town to our favourite club this time with a little more subtle approach. We reframed our sales pitch to be focused more on user research while prompting people to validate that the issue we are trying to solve is also an issue for them too.

No major UI issues thankfully, but I’ve started taking note of what concepts might need a bit of explaining so we can add some information on app intro screens when the user first creates an account (if anyone has any suggestions for cool ways of doing that in React Native please let me know!).

Happy with the app as it is right now so just need to keep pushing the marketing 📢

If you want to try the app go to We’d love to hear any thoughts!




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