Attracted — Launch day 1

2 min readSep 19, 2021

Intro: I regularly write journals to review the day and highlight the things I could have improved on and also what I’m proud of; which made me think that it would be cool to share something like that for the week I launch Attracted (

I felt rather confident going into the day, very relieved to have finally got the approved status from the Apple review team. (My pessimistic side definitely thought I was going to have to promote the beta test flight release.) The T-shirts arrived just on time as did the fliers; they came out pretty nicely.

The only coding I did today was a couple of updates to the admin dashboard to use the Apple authentication and make it look better on mobile. Oh wait… and the update to the image caching I did in the car. At that point, I was really wishing the backend was in typescript so I didn’t have to guess whether the S3 SDK Expires option was in seconds or milliseconds.

We made it into town nice and early, pumped to see all the students out on West Street. Parked up and started walking, but… I come to the very annoying realisation that I left my ID at home. Back we home we go.

We got straight into it in the queue waiting to get in, queue (see what I did there) the first realization: it’s hard to keep drunk people’s attention. Also a little moment of apprehension at first from a couple of people, I think about the concept.

Once we were finally in we got chatting with people, it was pretty fun! We found a few little issues but nothing major thankfully:

  • Cell signal inside the club was a little limited for some people — nothing we can do about that (at least until the app is downloaded).
  • We really need a prompt to add at least one profile photo before you can use the app.
  • Even though it says “Tap & hold to add image” this still needed to be explained to a few. Is it intuitive?

The words “free drink voucher” really pricked some ears but, unfortunately, asking the staff lead me to the manager who promptly ignored me and kicked us out. Oh well… a little over 100 new users, some brand awareness, and a little confirmation that our social media engagement is working. I’m going to call that a win.

I spent the rest of the night setting up some targeted Instagram and Snapchat Ad campaigns and planning our approach for tomorrow.




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