Attracted — Launch Day 3

2 min readSep 21, 2021

We’ve got the Freshers fair tomorrow so no partying for us today. Besides, Monday is Tank night and I’m not sure how easy it would be to talk to people while raving.

The goal tomorrow is to build brand awareness and drive app downloads which from going to these fairs in the past means giving away free shit.

Let’s go with the classic goody bag: a flier, a couple of Attracted stickers, and some sweets… simple! We can ask people to download the app to get one.

Designing the fliers

I tried to keep the fliers clean and generic allowing us to pivot our taglines and marketing depending on the audience, without needing to carry around a range of different fliers.

The QR code is a URL that points to which currently redirects the user to the app on the App Store but can be easily changed if we need to. Our landing page currently handles all the static URLs on Vercel through the redirects property in the vercel.json file.

The giveaway will draw people to our stand but we need to make sure we tell people what the app does. Our elevator pitch is pretty nailed down, but I can’t speak to everyone myself, so I put together a quick video we can play on loop on the iPad.

Video editing isn’t something I have much experience with so after some Googling I decided to give a try. Pretty good result for a minimal time investment; can’t complain.

As a bit of an introvert I’m usually not jumping at the chance to talk to random people, but I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited.

If you want to try the app go to We’d love to hear any thoughts!




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